Equipment for Sale

We are selling unneeded equipment for immediate removal,
and equipment still-in-use for 50% down/50% upon release/removal by mid-July.

The rest of our winery equipment will be sold (or may be reserve/purchased prior to release) when we have finished using it – please scroll down to see what will be available in mid July.

All equipment is sold AS-IS.  No guarantees are stated or implied.  Everything is available for inspection to your satisfaction.  We will tell you how to operate anything you’re unfamiliar with, and give you the benefit of our experience as best we can.

Equipment you may have previously seen listed that has been sold:
Glycol Chiller system
Must Pump
Broken Crusher/Destemmer
Tank Agitator
Shrink Capsuler
2 1KL tanks
1 500L tank
2 2KL tanks
1 3KL tank
Hoses and fittings

Available to take NOW:
please scroll for pix and info

2 60g Stainless Steel Tight Head Barrels/Drums
Each ss barrel has three holes – one on the side like a wooden barrel, two on the top.  All screw in caps are liquid tight.
2 available – $200 each

4900L Variable Capacity Tanks
NON JACKETED  Excellent Condition
each tank includes:
Conical bottom, lid lift pully, upgraded rubber lid gaskets, air pump, 2 2″ ball valves (one on racking port, one on bottom port), manway door, sample valve, metal feet, sight glass.  8′ high at top rim, 9.75′ at top of arm.
2 available – $6000 each

80g Wooden Basket Hydraulic Press
Paint – Good – could use repaint on basket tray if you want to, all other paint excellent.
Mechanics and Electronics – Excellent
Basket – Staves are stained but otherwise Very Good condition.  Two staves replaced.
We used this press exclusively for the past many years, for reds and whites.  I will pass along all my knowledge about how to best use it to the lucky buyer.

Full, unused pallet of 98 cases of French 750mL champagne/sparkling bottles with CROWN FINISH.  This means they should be capped with crowns, not corks.
Bought from GWKent years ago, never opened.  Crown applier included!

Industry standard 274g caged porta tanks with ball valve.
5 available
$150 each

Used Barrels – some maintained for future wine, some decorative use only – Barrels are American XFG, medium toast, toasted heads, all totally NEUTRAL – you will need to chip these barrels for wood notes, see the Barrel Chip Infusion Tubes below.  Barrels $150 each, regardless of type.  If you want wine-use barrels, I will need time to drain them and get them ready for PU, and you will need to undertake your own cleaning at your receipt (ozone recommended).  I have SO2’ed them and filled them with clean, non-clorinated filtered water – no TCA possible.  No Bret or other issues in my winery.

Barrel Chip Infusion Tubes – 15 available, sold in lots of 5 – $200/5

Two-Barrel Racks all fit 60g wooden barrels

Stainless Steel Standard – $150  Powder Coated Standard $75  Powder Coated Low Profile $50.
Powder coated low profile for poly drums or 55g or smaller barrels $20

50g Blue Poly Food-grade open head (with locking rim clasp) barrels and closed head/bung barrels – 10 available, $20 each

Available in mid JULY 2017.
Please inquire about reserve purchasing. 50% down, 50% due upon availability.

RACE manual labeler – $1200  Sale Pending

Capsule Spinner, 220V – $1200

6 Bottle Manual Filler
Excellent condition. 1-1/2″ fitting.  Nipple adjusters included.
$1000 Sale Pending

20cm Plate and Pad Filter
Excellent Condition.  May be set up as one pad or two pad filtering. (all one gauge of pad, or put in the divider plate and do two gauges – for instance, 14 pads of 700’s, then 14 pads of EK …. this is so you can do two filterings in one pass.)
28 frames, divider frame, add’l terminator plates, integral centrifugal pump, pressure gauge, 1-1/2″ pipe fittings.  110v/single phase.  Whatever pads I have left go with it.
$1500  Sale pending

Rapid 51 Commercial Manual Corker
Adjustable bottle height, brass compression jaws (replaced 2015), new springs.
This is the Cadillac of manual corkers.

Adjustable punch, adjustable stops.

Two bottle TWE Manual Rinser-Sparger
Very good condition.  Connections for gas and water, connection for drain hose.  Works perfectly; some cosmetic wear.

please call 817-237-2626 to discuss, ask for Caris.