Equipment for Sale

UPDATED Sept 20th, 2017

We are selling all of our winemaking equipment. (We remain in business to sell our wines and more.)

Equipment you may have previously seen listed that has been sold:
Glycol Chiller system  Must Pump  Crusher/Destemmer  Broken Crusher/Destemmer  Tank Agitator  Shrink Capsuler   2 1KL tanks   1 500L tank   2 2KL tanks   1 3KL tank   RACE Labeler   Bottle Filler   Plate & Pad Filter   Capsule Spinner   Corker   Hydraulic Press  W65 Bottles Various Capsules  SSBarrels  4900L Tanks

Industry standard 274g caged porta tanks with ball valve.
3 available
$150 each


Barrel Chip Infusion Tubes – 7 available  $25 each

50g Blue Poly Food-grade open head (with locking rim clasp) barrels and closed head/bung barrels – 6 available, $20 each

Two bottle TCW Rinser-Sparger
Perfect working condition, some cosmetic wear.  Connections for gas (your choice of type – Nitrogen, Argon or CO2) and water, connection for drain hose.  This unit starts with a 3 second water rinse cycle (rinses case dust out of the bottles) and then automatically switches to a 3 second sparging cycle to fill it with gas (so the wine won’t come into contact with O2 when wine flows into it from the bottle filler.)
$1500  ($2599 plus tax and shipping new from TCW)


Full, unused pallet of 77 cases of French 750mL champagne/sparkling bottles with 26mm crown or 26mm cork and cage finish.
Case code: 5189 AT / 12 bottles/case, 77 cases on pallet

• Maximum pressure 5 bar
• Bottle height 11.9″ x diameter 3.5″
Must take all.  Purchased for $1300, selling for $500.


90″ round tablecloths – top quality white cotton/poly
$15 each

Laurastar S3 Ironing System, Excellent Condition

TRUE 27″ Single Door Reach In Refrigerator, Very Good Condition

LIFETIME Folding Chairs – 59 chairs with two rolling racks
(Each rack holds up to 32 chairs.)
$1200 for all, including racks (not sold individually)


All sales are final.  No warranties are guaranteed or implied.  No returns.

please call 817-237-2626 to discuss, ask for Caris.