Crush Day / The Lucy Dance Photo Gallery

The Lucy Dance

We did The Lucy Dance/Crush Day for 14 years!
As the owners are retiring from winemaking, we won’t be harvesting grapes in 2016.
No grapes = no Lucy Dance.
Yes, it’s now a fun, fond memory.

We are still open for business as usual.
The grapes previously stomped are now our wonderful wines, available to enjoy here or to take home.
We would love to see you –
Stop by for some wine and a bite.

11220460_10203383195339243_311856719969201262_nLucy Dance 2015



Lucy2014Crusher1The Crusher Crew gets to work – this machine removes the stems so they don’t poke our feet.

Terry, Kevin, Fred and Cody

Crush14CodyCody, grape warrior.

Crush14MargeMarge of The Trinity River Whalers

Crush14HaleyHaley ran the Bellini Bar – you ain’t gettin’ one until it’s frozen right!

Crush14LegBacksShowing off grapey leggies

Crush14KevinWashing off grapey leggies

Crush14Dance1A little dancing…

Crush143LucysGrapes be squishy!

Crush14Rhonda3Beautiful Lucys

Crush14GreenSkirtLucyGrapes still be squishy!

Crush14DudeWe had a few Lucy Dudes too.

Crush14Dance2Cutting a rug.

Crush14AshleyBackAshley takes one for the team.



Cody Crush LadiesCody and New Friends

lucybinKim and Pals

lucyskissHappy Lucys getting ‘Kiss’ed

chriscrushChris once upon a time.

BreetriobinBree and pals get sticky.

binjokeLauren, Natalie and Cryssie inspect the damage

Betsy2Betsy and Sandy being beautiful


CrushWhalers08The Trinity River Whalers, version 1.0

CRUSHTwotushesYoga teacher and pal

CRUSHRedRaisesGlassA Victorian Lucy!


crusherA Crusher Crew from days gone by.  Hi Bill!

Bless you, Lucys, you’re all amazing.