Tasting Room



     We started commercial winemaking in 2001 making just three wines – a Chardonnay, a Merlot and a Cabernet Sauvignon.  Over the years different vineyards have presented us with opportunity to expand our wines so we can offer more styles, please more palates and show a variety of wine and food pairings.  We currently use fruit grown on the High Plains of west Texas, the Hill Country, south Texas and from just up the road in Springtown.

Wine Tasting

     At the Tasting Bar – 3 wines for $5 per person
Wine tasting is offered any time during our open hours.  Relaxed and informal, you select any three wines from our wine list of 10-15 wines.  Of course you can taste more than the three wines – add on as many as you wish for $2 an additional taste or 3/$5.  We also have a separate Dessert Wines list that costs $3 per taste.  If you come during our dining hours you can be seated for dining afterwards and then order what you liked with your meal.  You do not need to make a reservation.

     Groups of 10+ – 4 wines for $10 (plus gratuity) per person
If you have a group of 10 or more people we do a tasting of four wines at a seated table.  Your host can select the four wines to pour or we can choose based on the dominant interest of the group.  If the tasting is done during our dining hours you can also arrange for food during or afterwards at the same table.   Yes, we need a reservation for seated group tastings – please call.

     There’s some seating in the Tasting Room and more in the adjacent Barrel Room and outside Pavilion & Terrace.  The atmosphere is elegant/rustic and we always have candles and fresh flowers on the tables, pretty music on the sound system and welcoming staff that will help you feel comfortable and relaxed.

We sell out of something, we bottle something else….
it’s always changing.  Come see what we have to offer.

White Wines


Sunflower Blanc du Bois

South Texas grapes
Fresh, fruity flavors of pear, apple, citrus, melon and mineral – delightful patio wine, suited to white cheeses, fish, chicken and salads.

Gold medal winner.



Roadrunner Viognier

Grapes grown by Dr. Bobby Smith at La Buena Vida, Springtown
Off dry with notes of apricot, peach and spice.  Complex and suited to high umami foods like crab and shrimp.



Texas Kiss Merlot Rosé

Texas High Plains Appellation
This Kiss is a little bit sweet, crisp and fruity with Texas-sized ‘kisses’ of flavors – cherry, apple, cranberry and strawberry. It’s perfect on the patio on a hot day, paired with BBQ and Mexican food and, believe it or not, sushi! It delivers a lot of flavor in a lighter wine. It’s like a jewel in the glass, rosy and clean.  Caris’ lip print adorns the label.  Come get a Texas kiss!

Gold medal winner.


Happy Cat

Chai, our winery mascot, was watching the sun set from her favorite winery perch one day and turned to look at us with this look of complete love and happiness.  When we made this blend we looked at each other with that same look, and so Happy Cat was born.  A ‘tropical dream’ with flavors of pineapple, green papaya and mango, it pairs deliciously with blue cheeses and spicy Asian foods like Thai curry and sushi.


We showed two wines at the 2014 Grapefest People’s Choice Wine Competition – Sunflower Blanc du Bois and Red Fox Merlot – and won two silver medals.
Thanks to all who helped.


Red Wines


10 Pt Cabernet Sauvignon

Newsom Vineyard
Texas High Plains Appellation
Full bodied plum, black cherry, raisin, fig, tobacco, spice…. exceptionally smooth and rich, complex and delicious. Barrel aged for 3 years in a mix of American and French oak.

Multiple medal winner.


La Buena Vida Vineyard
This is a true Texas Tempranillo, showing just what this grape can do here.  Grown just up the road in Springtown, Texas, these grapes and their barrel aging  give us flavors of cherry, anise, cedar and vanilla.


Red Fox Merlot

Newsom Vineyard
Texas High Plains Appellation
Light color leads to mouth filling flavor of bright cherry, oak and bramble with a black walnut finish.  Similar to an Italian Amarone.  Winemaker’s fave.


New bottling of 2010 Red Fox expected in June 2017


Remuda Red

Texas High Plains Appellation
Simply delicious, this blend of Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot shows deep dark berry and cherry flavors  with undertones of vanilla, cedar and warm spices. Very fruit forward and friendly – great couch wine.

Multiple medal winner.


Happy Dog

Texas Sweet Red Wine
A delicious, fun, sweet red wine – a runaway best seller and multiple GOLD MEDAL winner. Sweet but not too sweet with deep flavors and an unexpected complexity for a less expensive sweet red.  Flavors of cherry, caramel, brown sugar, and plum. Pairs great with hot, spicy foods – the sweet balances heat.
Named for our dog, Mai, who, when Caris was a home winemaker, loved to lick her arms clean after she’d been working with fermenting wine – she’d sit with such a look we’d say, ‘Aren’t you a happy dog!’. Now you can be too.

Gold medal winner.


Autumn Spice

Spiced Red Wine
Infused with warm spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, mace and orange peel – this wine “tastes like a holiday”.
It pairs with spicy meats like lamb and venison, and also with pumpkin pie and cheesecake.  Take it home and serve it cool (like any red) or warm it up – it’s a mulled wine ready for a winter’s fire and a snuggle.

New release September 2016


Click here to see the cocktails we make using our wines.

Dessert Wines


Summer Sangria

Texas Table or Dessert Wine

Infused with peaches and apples and lightly fortified with fine brandy, this sweet red is a perfect Texas sangria that sits you squarely in a peach orchard surrounded by grapevines on a warm summer day.  Often served over crushed ice for a true sangria experience.

Multiple medal winner.


Laughing Goddess

Texas Dessert Wine
We grow some Black Spanish grapes at the winery – our vines produce enough fruit to make this wine.  Barrel aged, fortified with fine brandy and sweetened to a full bodied port level, it tastes of black cherry, plum, a bit of bramble and vanilla.

Offered in 500mL bottle and 750mL bottle

Multiple medal winner.


Amour de Chocolat

Texas Dessert Wine
This is a port-style dessert wine that is infused with dark chocolate – it tastes like a chocolate cherry cordial candy.  It’s a fabulous dessert all by itself – no need to gild  the lily.

Offered in 375mL bottle and 750mL bottle

Gold medal winner.